It is of great importance for us that our customers have clearer information about the technical details and intricacies of the service we provide. You can find detailed explanations of our production processes below.

Artwork and Reproduction

The production process, encompassing all stages, commences with the submission of the working file, termed as artwork, to our facility. Utilizing our competent team and suitable infrastructure, all necessary working files are prepared by our facility for the approval process. Once the artworks are approved, the related working files are forwarded to the pre-press department. Jobs that have received approval in this department are transferred to printing plates using the CTP Machine. With approval from the Quality Control Department, the printing phase begins.


With its technological infrastructure, experienced staff, and extensive array of machinery, our printing department is capable of meeting all sorts of needs. Inprocess controls conducted in accordance with quality processes aim to prevent defective products and ensure efficient production.


Items requiring varnishing are produced according to our customers’ preferences, either with UV varnish or dispersion varnish.


Upon completion of the varnishing process, the items are cut in the cutting department and then transferred to the assembly section.

Folding & Gluing

Products, after the cutting and sorting process, are directed to the Folding and Gluing department. Experienced operators use machine settings to fold and glue the products based on their measurements and intricacies. Before reaching the assembly lines, the items undergo checks by HHS sensors, reviewing pharmacode and adhesive quality.

This optimized system aims to prepare products in line with high-quality standards and ensures their timely delivery to the customer.


Products, having completed final checks along with product analysis certificates, are shipped to specified delivery addresses as per the requested timelines and without any issues.