At Kutaş Printing & Packaging, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. By utilizing all the opportunities provided by technology, we are redefining our work standards based on sustainability, demonstrating the necessary care and respect for nature and society.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Business Approach

Since its establishment, our company has embraced an innovative and technology-focused business approach, always closely following the opportunities presented. As a pioneer in the industry, it aims to integrate innovations and technological advancements into its processes to enhance production and service standards. Our company has successfully reflected this progressive and innovative policy it has set in both service and production, an area of sustainability and the environment whose importance is increasing every day and is subject to frequent changes in the international landscape.

In 2022, through significant advancements, our company completed the installation of a Solar Power Plant (GES), embodying a sustainable business approach and transforming its energy source entirely from solar power. Furthermore, adhering to a zero-waste policy for an extended period, the company has taken significant strides towards becoming a 100% naturefriendly entity by recycling all materials used in production and administrative departments. With a vision of leaving a livable future for the next generations in every step it takes, our company has made it a principle to always consider social and environmental factors.